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  • Essential resources for your parts and service teams
  • Self-study tool for certification
  • On-the-job reference
  • Available in 3-ring binder format or on CD in PDF format
Developed by The Ohio State University Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE), and RV parts and service experts. The Mike Molino RV Learning Center offers five learning guides that provide the information required for dealership employees to excel in their jobs and prepare them for certification. They are based on a task-and-skills analysis of the positions compiled by industry experts, and include multiple self-checks and practice exercises. Click the tabs below for more information on each of the Learning Guides by subject matter. 

Training and Certification Preparation

Service Manager Learning Guide

The guides cover the duties and tasks that service managers should be able to perform to effectively manage the service department and to better serve their customers. The guides are a valuable tool, providing nine sections to educate new and existing service managers in “best practices,” and to increase their knowledge, skills, and prepare for the service manager certification exam.

  Topics include:
Section A - Manage Service Department Workflow
Section B - Provide Customer Service
Section C - Generate Service Department Revenue
Section D - Review Administrative Reports
Section E - Manage Human Resources
Section F - Supervise Support Staff
Section G - Train Service Department Staff
Section H - Promote Public Relations
Section I  - Perform Administrative Activities
Full set (Sections A-I):
 $399.00 member / $559.95 non-member
Individual sections:   $59.95 member / $85.95 non-member

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