Why Recertify?

Download a recertification application
Once you've earned your certification, KEEP it!

A standard attribute of professional certification programs is the requirement that every few years the certification must be renewed. Recertification proves your dedication to keeping your knowledge and skills up to date with industry changes and trends. If you've been continuously employed in the RV industry, and have not let your certification lapse, you may recertify through:
Option 1: Training
Participate in forty (40) hours of documented training related to the position. Training must be earned during the five years of certification with at least 20 hours earned during the third, fourth or fifth year. The recertification fee with training is $75.

Option 2: Testing
Take the online certification exam and earn a passing score. No training is required. The recertification fee varies with the certification type.
If your certification is expired beyond the 90 day grace period, or you left the RV industry for more than one year, you must use option 2 and take the certification test.