RVDA Advocacy Communications Program

Goal: RVDA's advocacy communications program supports the association's vision of positively influencing the business environment affecting its members by demonstration RV Dealers' economic impact on the U.S. economy to policymakers and industry stakeholders.

Why do dealers need this campaign now? Special interests continue to threaten the core business processes of RV dealers through legislation and additional regulation. Recent examples include federal finance reform legislation that can impact dealer-assisted financing, the threat to the RV loan interest deduction, the SAFE Act, SBA loan programs, and new fuel economy standards for tow vehicles and motorhomes. Dealers also require continued RVDA support to advance their interests on manufacturer, lender, and supplier issues. How can RVDA continue to provide professional advocacy resources in a new economic environment? These and future threats are coming at a time of decreasing revenue for RVDA. The “RV Dealers: A Driving Force in the Economy” campaign allows members to supplement their dues payments with additional voluntary contributions to an advocacy communications program.

Join other dealers and contribute today, in one of two ways:

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